About the movie

The search for your own mature self, and living through your own strength. That is what this movie represents. Not only for our main character, Hemayel, who we follow as a adolescent and young adult, trying to convince the people of Curacao of the strength and beauty that lies in their own history, culture and language. During his journey, we see Curacao as former colony of the Netherlands, struggling to figure out its own place in this world as a young independent country, with a rich but stormy history.

With this film, we seek to empower the next generation of Curacao to find strength within themselves and to find pride in the history, cultural and language of the Island that offers so much more then beautiful beaches and breath taking sunrises.

Secondly, we are conscious of the fact that the development of Curacao symbolises the cultural emancipation that so many countries throughout the world, but especially in the Caribbean, had to go through after the decolonisation.

Therefore, this film tells not only the story of Hemayel, but the story of the world and how we all are trying to find our own place in it and stay true to ourselves.



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